Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Blog

I've always loved throwing parties - when I was a kid I even started a little business planning kids' birthday parties. I'd make pinatas and cakes and favors, plan games, help with invitations, whatever the parents wanted. And of course, I'd be at the party as a day-of helper and coordinator. Little did I know at the time that you can do this as a full-time job and make big bucks for it! I also greatly enjoy crafts - most things I see in the store I know I could make myself for less money. Lastly, my husband and I own a residential remodeling company, so I've effectively tripled the number of projects I can do on my own, since he knows how to build more complicated things that I see!

I have always loved hosting and planning so much that it never seemed stressful to me. Recently, I planned my own wedding and helped with a few friends' weddings, which kicked my creativity into higher gear. So, I've decided to share what information I can on the things I've made and other planning tricks as they come into my head. Hopefully it will be of use to someone out there!

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  1. Wow, Wendy what can I say?! You are so creative! and so original...I'll be calling on you when I get married for sure! (Even if I've gotta fly you down to N.M.!) :~) Your cousin, and fan! Denise